Vienna: Stadtkino im Künstlerhaus
Innsbruck: March 6 @ Leokino
Graz: March 7 @ KIZ Royal
Linz: March 8 @ Moviemento
Salzburg March 9 @ Mozartkino
Wels March 15 @ Programmkino Wels
St. Pölten March 19 - Cinema Paradiso
German only: Die Filmkritik vom ORF: "Heuschrecken-Attacke auf Österreich."
"Ministerinnen, ehrbare Firmenchefs, Gewerkschafter, Zeitungsleute – alle gehen in die Knie vor den kalt lächelnd vorgebrachten Investitionsversprechen der Beraterbande in Daniel Hoesls zweitem Langfilm „Winwin“. Wie schon sein Vorgänger „Soldate Jeannette“ formal aufs Äußerste reduziert, überzeugt auch „Winwin“ durch seinen Willen zur Verfremdung: die Finanzkrise als unterkühlte Satire." Von Alexander Musik. Klicken Sie hier für den gesamten Artikel.
The Hollywood Reporter: Rotterdam Review.
"Clown prince of Austrian cinema Daniel Hoesl wields satire like a crystal blade — more ornamental than lethal — in his second feature WINWIN, a playfully confrontational take on 21st century corporate capitalism that will leave no spectator indifferent." (Neil Young) Click here to read the whole review.
Film professionals have the possibility to watch WINWIN on Festivalscope: 
Cineuropa: The Masquerade of Monster Capitalism - Review by Martin Kudlac
"Hoesl caustically channels his frustration over the financial imbalance from the consumerist-agricultural polarity of Soldier Jane to the hornet's nest of the upper echelons of investors. His belief that “the only religion left is faith in money and even debt” in this church of the free-market economy, which holds such menace within it, has a much bolder outline in the capitalistic cabaret of WINWIN."  

The party has started!!! World Premiere @ Rotterdam International Film Festival
The European Film Conspiracy could again rely on a vast population of co-conspirators and supporters! Without you WINWIN would not exist! THANKS so much for your help and the independent spirit we share! See you soon at your local premiere!
Photo: Marie Van Woerden
WINWIN Showtimes in Rotterdam
Be there or be square!

01/31/2016, 21:45 – Pathé 2, World Premiere
02/01/2016, 12:15 – Pathé 7
02/05/2016, 14:30 – LantarenVenster 5 - Critic’s Talk with Ronald Rovers of De Filmkrant
02/06/2016, 12:00 – Pathé 2
WINWIN World Premiere
World Premiere of WINWIN takes place at the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2016 in the Section Voices, a special program ID: The Generic Self amongst films by Charlie Kaufman, Jem Cohen, Jia Zhangke, Athina Rachel Tsangari, …

“We tend to think that our identity is still based on origins and DNA. However the economic aspects of living, such as commerce, consumption, connection to global market and corporations, define us as much as natural biological codes do (if not more than that). Constant traveling and mass tourism change something in us as well, redefining the notion of home and altering our sense of belonging. Internet, social media and “selfie culture” also play a pivotal role, expanding us and at the same time making us impersonal.”